Welcome to Cette Petite Maison

My name is Carol-Ann and I am a maker and crafter of all kinds of things and with Cette Petite Maison (This Little House) I hope to share a little bit of my life here in the beautiful rural Quercy Blanc area of France and introduce you to some of my neighbours and their wonderful produce.

I am trying a embrace a simpler lifestyle, working towards sustainability so I am offering a small range of items, made, grown and harvested locally by neighbours and friends and I hope that the phrase Products with Provenance resonates.

If you would like to follow along, it would be lovely to have your company, just add your name and e-mail to Follow my Blog below, and I promise not to inundate you with too many posts.

About Sainte Alauzie

The site of what is now the hamlet of Sainte Alauzie was occupied by a Gallo-Roman villa in the 1st century. The discovery of tiles, mortar, fragments of wine amphorae, weaver's weight and iron tools authenticates this.

The fort, was a square building standing out from the houses and is no longer in evidence

The village on the hillside was built around the Romanesque church Sainte-Eulalie, a former secular priory. The houses of the village in their white stone give Ste. Alauzie an undeniable charm.

A few heritage items are worth taking a look at, such as the Pech de Lagarde washhouse. The
well maintained rural paths take the walker beautiful spots where it is possible to admire the landscapes  and discover some dolmens or vestiges of Roman road.

A few steps away, the
Château Ramps (private) was a stronghold of Protestantism during the wars of religion. It was rebuilt in the 17th century. On a circular base, a milestone of the Roman road passing on the plateau remains at the foot of the old windmill of Ramps.

The old windmill of Ramps has recently been restored by a local stone mason and a local carpenter with beautiful results.