Wednesday, May 8, 2019

The Ice Saints of May

The story......

We must go back as far as 500 AD to find the first traces of these beliefs related to Ice Saints. 

At that time, people began praying to St. Mamert for protection of crops. Not always winning their case, they found that the weather deteriorated and the temperature sometimes dropped to freezing and below so they then added  St. Pancrace and St. Servais.

The Ice Saints dates for are the 11th, 12th and 13th of May and the sayings are as follows:
May 11, "Be careful, the first ice saint, often catches you by surprise"
May 12, "Saint Pancrace often brings ice cream",
May 13, "Before Saint Servais no summer, after Saint Servais no more ice".

May 25, which is not an ice saint but attached to it, says: "Mamert, Pancrace and Servais are Ice Saints, but Saint Urbain holds them all in his hand".

I have just looked at the forecast for Ste. Alauzie and it's showing Min.12° Max.18° for St. Mamert, Min.8° Max.19° for St. Pancrace and Min.6° Max.20 for St. Servais so perhaps we have escaped this year :)