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My name is Carol-Ann and I am a maker and crafter of all kinds of things and with Cette Petite Maison (This Little House) I hope to share a little bit of my life here in the beautiful rural Quercy Blanc area of France and introduce you to some of my neighbours and their wonderful produce.

I am trying a embrace a simpler lifestyle, working towards sustainability so I am offering a small range of items, made, grown and harvested locally by neighbours and friends and I hope that the phrase Products with Provenance resonates.

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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Honey and Hayfever

Gorgeous local Honey produced by Marie-Hélèn's Bees
The question is....."Is Honey a cure for Hayfever?" and to be more specific "Is local Honey a cure for Hayfever?"

Well Science says no and I quote "No. The myth is that local pollen in honey can desensitise the allergic reaction, but there’s no evidence to support it. A 2002 study at the University of Connecticut compared locally-produced, unfiltered honey, with nationally-produced, filtered honey and honey-flavoured corn syrup. In double-blind trials, there was no difference between the three in reducing hay fever symptoms. The pollen in honey is nearly all the heavy, flower pollen that doesn’t cause hay fever. The pollen that sets your nose running is much lighter and comes from grasses and trees that bees don’t visit."

However I beg to differ, as I honestly do find that a teaspoon of local Honey helps my Hayfever symptoms, granted I only suffer mildly but after a teaspoon of Honey I can go from being stuffy to breathing clearly within a matter of minutes.

 Placebo? ... perhaps, but if it works why not :) Trying a teaspoon of local honey to cure your Hayfever symptoms can't be a bad idea because even if it does not work for you, you still have some delicious local honey to spread on your toast and you will be supporting a Local Producer :)

The Honey in the photo comes from Marie-Hélen's little Black Bees (Well they are not exactly black but they are much darker than other bees) and the good news is that her hives have survived the Winter, however there is still the danger posed by the Asian Hornets (Vespa velutina) that have been decimating hives acoss France. So fingers crossed her little Bees have a happy, healthy year ahead of them.