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My name is Carol-Ann and I am a maker and crafter of all kinds of things and with Cette Petite Maison (This Little House) I hope to share a little bit of my life here in the beautiful rural Quercy Blanc area of France and introduce you to some of my neighbours and their wonderful produce.

I am trying a embrace a simpler lifestyle, working towards sustainability so I am offering a small range of items, made, grown and harvested locally by neighbours and friends and I hope that the phrase Products with Provenance resonates.

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

What to do........

If you have horses or any other farm animal for that matter and feed bales of hay, one ends up with Baling Twine, loads and loads of Baling Twine.

These days it is made from Polypropylene, which does not bio-degrade and in its twine form is dangerous to animals if just thrown into landfill sites. So while looking at my collection of blue Baling Twine doing a bit of lateral thinking, I came up with the idea of trying to knit with it.

Horrible stuff to work with really and it just did not behave well on knitting needles as it is quite stiff and has a mind of its own so I tried plan B my knitting looms and voila my little range of scrubbing things, round scrubbies for kitchens and bathrooms and massage mitts for horses and short coated dogs. 

These are the Scrubbies and you can find them in my shop :)
And just when I was wondering if Blue was the only option, I was with Marie-Hélèn, helping with the Lambs and I noticed that her Baling Twine was Lilac so I came home with a load of that and am now able to offer my Twine Knits in Blue and Lilac.

A quick note, the blue is a higher density than the lilac and the lilac a little more supple, but I do believe that both have a place in the home and out on the farm.

The house scrubbies are useful for pots and pans and general cleaning and won’t scratch delicate surfaces and when it comes time to throw them away, pop them into your recycling bin.