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My name is Carol-Ann and I am a maker and crafter of all kinds of things and with Cette Petite Maison (This Little House) I hope to share a little bit of my life here in the beautiful rural Quercy Blanc area of France and introduce you to some of my neighbours and their wonderful produce.

I am trying a embrace a simpler lifestyle, working towards sustainability so I am offering a small range of items, made, grown and harvested locally by neighbours and friends and I hope that the phrase Products with Provenance resonates.

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Friday, January 25, 2019

How Marie-Hélèns Lavender Essential Oil is made

The process of making Lavender Essential Oils is a true labour of love, love of being out-doors, love of working in the fields and love of Lavender – This very special plant produces oil with heaps of beneficial properties and is one that I always have in my Essential Oil collection.

Lavender essential oil is obtained by distillation of the flower heads of certain species of Lavender. Pure lavender essential oil is produced through steam distillation.

Harvest of lavender is between June and August. Once the Lavender has been harvested (This is done by hand) it is then taken to the distillery where the lavender flowers are packed tightly into a Still. A boiler is then used to build up steam in the Still at a low pressure. The cells containing the oil in the lavender flower are broken down by this heating process. A pipe of cold water runs through the centre of the still. The hot lavender oil vapour condenses on the cold water pipe and runs down into a holding tank where it is allowed to settle.

Due to polarity and the different densities of the water and oil, these two separate in the holding tank whereupon the water is piped out, leaving just lavender essential oil.

This Oil is taken home by Marie-Hélèn and carefully decanted into Essential Oil bottles, labelled, boxed or it is used in Soap we also offer.